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Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4

Before we begin, I have to bring up “Halloween.”

If you don’t know the history of the “Halloween” movies, the quick-and-dirty version is they did part I, and part II, and then tried to keep the “Halloween” title going by introducing a whole new villain in Part III.

Only everyone rebelled.

This did NOT prevent the folks who made “Silent Night, Deadly Night” (or rather, the folks who had the rights) from trying the exact same thing. Only they figured they’d wait until Part IV to pull the old switcheroo.

So if you wanted to know what happened to Billy, or Ricky, or Sister Margaret, or Sister Mary, or anyone else who was not dead at the end of one of the last three movies… I’ve got nothing for you. Check the Internet, maybe someone cobbled together some fan fiction.

Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea. Stick Billy and Ricky in brain-hats, and let them run amuck. “Two brothers. One Christmas. No survivors.”

Coming soon to a fan site near you.

At any rate, as we fire up the projector for part IV, we’ve got a homeless guy walking down the street, pushing a shopping cart. He finds some fast-food tinfoil in the gutter and cracks it open, hoping for a burger.

The burger is there, but it’s bug-infested. Naturally, the homeless guy complains there’s no cheese.

(No, I’m not kidding. He really does.)

He starts to eat.

He hears a scream, and looks at the roof of a nearby building. There’s a woman up there. She bursts into flame and jumps, or is pushed, off the roof.

She hits the ground, and the homeless guy goes over to look at her. She’s still on fire. He tries to touch her, and his hand ends up with a bunch of black grit on it.

The homeless man hears sirens, and ducks back into a nearby alley.

The credits roll by, sometimes literally, and then we see a Motel sign. And a TV with the sound off, where a reporter appears to be talking about the flaming death lady.

But since we’re at a hotel, the two people on the bed aren’t paying attention to the TV. Well, okay, the lady changes her mind and starts watching the TV, but the guy changes the channel to adult programming.

He admonishes the woman for “working during lunch.”

A fairly short time later, the guy and gal walk down the street. She asks what’s going on tonight, and he says he remembers something about no strings attached. He asks if she really wants to meet his parents, and she says yes.

They walk on, and the gal talks about doing a story about “that woman who burned.”

They walk into the building labeled L.A. Eye. Only the Eye is the Eye symbol. I could crack jokes, but why bother?

The girl, once again, insists she wants to do a story on the burned woman. She wants the guy to get one of the higher-ups to give her a chance. He’s clearly uncomfortable with the situation, and goes to talk to one of the other guys, who asks if he had “Chicken A La Kim” for lunch.

So at least our heroine appears to have a name: Kim.

The Boss, Eli, walks out, and Kim says that the flaming woman would make a great story. Eli sort of agrees, and all his yes-men start yes-ing.

Eli puts Kim’s lunch buddy on the job. Eli wants to use the “spontaneous combustion” of the woman as an opener to a larger story about unexplained phenomena.

Kim is displeased. Eli finally notices her, remembers that she works in classifieds, and asks her to make fresh coffee. Another woman on the staff says, “Boys will be boys.”

She asks how things are going with Hank. Kim says she doesn’t know, then asks Janice, her buddy, why they need men anyway.

Janice gives her a copy of a typescript talking about the “suicide.” Kim says, “I’m gonna do it anyway,” and heads to the scene of the burning.

She spots a gumball machine that puts out nuts, and inserts a quarter. It doesn’t give her any nuts. A butcher walks out of his building. He’s covered in blood, so you know he’s a butcher. Oh, and also he speaks completely unaccented English, but still speaks with broken English.

It appears the actor was so offended by the broken English stereotype that he opted to not fake an accent.

He tells Kim that he saw and heard everything, and that once the burning was done, “Nothing left. Waist down.”

Kim asks how she got up there, and he tells her that she could have gotten up from any apartment in the building.

Kim locates the chalk outline, and sure enough, all the scorch marks are on the lower half of the body.

Kim looks goes in the nearest door. It’s a bookstore. She bumps into the homeless guy, who proceeds to follow Kim around. He looks at the fingers he used to touch the burning woman the night before, and touches Kim in the bottom area using those fingers.

Kim is not pleased.

The bookstore owner tells the homeless guy, Ricky, to go away.

Ricky steps about five steps away.

Kim asks the bookstore lady for a book on spontaneous combustion. The bookstore owner, Fima, asks if it’s about the burning woman, and says she owns the bookstore.

Finally, Ricky wanders away. Kim confirms with Fima that you can get to the roof from any apartment. Fima also offers Kim some kind of snack. And she tries to give her a book called “Initiation of the Virgin Goddess.”

Kim says she can’t accept the gift.

So instead, Fima asks Kim to come to their picnic tomorrow, and gives Kim the address. And the “Initiation” book, which will be her “invitation.” And a kiss on the cheek.

Kim has Fima take her to a roof access point, while Fima’s worker looks at some creepy portrait of a lady, which is hanging on the wall.

Kim is just about to head up to the roof, when she realizes that Fima has vanished.

She goes up anyway, and stands on the roof precipice while looking down at the sidewalk. This makes her ill.

Ricky, as it turns out, is also on the roof. He hears a screechy noise in one of the pipes on the roof, and reaches in. He pulls out… some kind of naked worm/caterpillar thing. Did I mention Ricky is covered in ants?

And Kim appears to be covered in ants as well?

As Ricky pulls the icky creature out of the pipe, Kim notices all the ants and starts brushing them off herself.

That night, Kim goes to wash the dishes in her sink and discovers that it’s filled with roaches. She sprays them.

She’s making pasta. The phone rings, and the machine picks it up. It’s Hank, who wants to know why Kim hasn’t called. Apparently, Hank’s mom cooked a big dinner.

This is sort of sad, really. Kim has found a guy who actually wants to introduce her to his parents, and she doesn’t even bother to meet them because Hank didn’t want a little PDA in the office. Kim will probably die alone.

At any rate, she starts flipping through the “Initiation” book and finds a page labeled “The Spiral: Symbol of Womans Power.” No, there is not an apostrophe.

She looks at the spiral, and then at her pasta, which is, yes, in a spiral. She sees another cockroach, flips out, and destroys her dinner. Hank calls again, and she says she’s coming.

She meets Hank’s mom, who offers her a little snack, saying they’re an old family recipe.

Everyone wishes everyone else a Merry Christmas. Dad sits on his chair, drinking beer.

Hank goes to sit with Kim. Kim gets up and goes to sit by some other little kid. Named Lonnie. Lonnie asks if Kim’s tree is up yet. Kim’s Jewish. Dad’s kind of racist. It’s all in good fun.

Finally, Kim and Hank head outside, and Hank tries to explain that he and Kim are from a different world than his parents. Kim says that Hank didn’t help her out when Eli gave Hank the woman-on-fire story. Hank points out that Eli is the boss.

Having solved nothing, Hank kisses Kim and asks her to go back to his place. They keep on kissing. He puts her hand up her skirt.

And then… You know what, I’m just going to transcribe what Kim says, and let the ladies in the audience decide if Kim is standing up for herself and being a powerful woman-type person, or if she’s just kind of a spoiled brat: “Get off of me! What is wrong with you? Why are you always jumping on top of me? You’re like a dog in heat. … I’m just as good as you, you know. You, and Eli, and Jeff. And I’m sick of it. I’m going to do what I want whether you like it or not. And I’m going to do the story I wanna do.”

Hank points out that an attitude like that might cost Kim her job. Kim drops some f-bombs about the job. And Hank.

Then she gets in her car and drives away.

(Two quick points on the “spoiled child” debate. Kim has only been working for the “Eye” for a month. Which means she’s known Hank about that long. Okay, weigh in.)

Kim goes back to her bug-infested apartment, and cleans bug goo off the “Initiation” book. She cracks it open again to a section labeled, “The Fire of Lilith.”

She looks at the ground and spots a cockroach roughly the size of her head. She tries to kill it with a broom handle.

Then her pasta starts moving. Icky.

She runs to the toilet to do some puking, while the MASSIVE cockroach hangs out on her wall. There’s a little cockroach in the toilet after the puking. Whether it was in her mouth is up for discussion.

Kim closes the bathroom door, and the world’s largest cockroach jams a leg under it. And we fade out.

The next morning, Kim wakes up because there’s a knocking at her door. She has a really icky stain on her shirt, which I’m guessing no one wants to think about.

Kim goes to the door. It’s Janice. Kim opens the door. Janice asks what’s wrong. She says she tried Kim’s phone, but it was out. And sure enough, it’s lying on the floor, off the hook.

Kim goes to clean up her apartment a bit. Kim says it “must have been something I ate.” Janice asks if Kim wants a ride to work, and Kim says no thanks, she’s “working on something.”

Janice says that Eli was displeased that Kim didn’t show up for work yesterday afternoon.

Kim drives to the picnic, but leaves her Initiation book in the car. Fima greets her, and takes her to meet the rest of the coven. Uh, I mean, nice ladies.

Kim meets Katherine, who looks like everyone’s Grandma. And Jane, who looks like everyone’s attractive black female friend.

Kim brings up the suicide again. Katherine says she never heard a thing. Kim asks what might have caused “it,” “it” meaning a woman to burst into flames from the neck down and went tumbling off a building.

Jane says, “She wasn’t strong enough.” But Katherine quickly says they didn’t know the flaming woman.

Kim tells Fima that there’s picture of a woman with flames from the waist down in the “Initiation” book. I’m really tired of typing that word now.

The ladies inform Kim that Lilith was Adam’s first wife. She wouldn’t let Adam lay on top of her, and eventually left him. She’s, “The spirit of all that crawls.”

Kim takes this all in without calling anyone crazy, and then sees a cockroach crawling across her hand. She freaks. Then she’s embarrassed.

She tells the other ladies she’ll probably lose her job because she’s working on this story without authorization. She says she’s okay with it, because she’s ready for a change. Did I mention she’s been working there a month?


Everyone toasts Kim while creepy music plays. Jane and Katherine go for a walk, but Kim thinks she’s had too much to drink.

She lies down on the blanket, and Fima says, “I’m glad you came. She kisses Kim, who falls asleep for a moment. Then Fima goes to talk to the other ladies.

Kim wakes up, and sees the tree branches above her. She reaches for the branches. And suddenly, there’s Hank, who tells Kim they need to go. Eli is unhappy.

Hank takes Kim to see Eli, and tells Eli that she was out on an interview. Eli says they have a way of doing things here. “Assignments come from my desk.” Hank tells Eli that Kim has already finished her work for the whole week, and that he thinks Kim would be invaluable on the spontaneous combustion case.

Okay, let’s get this straight:

Hank and Kim meet. They start a spontaneous affair that goes on for a month, which Kim insists has no strings attached. Once she says she wants to meet his parents, he sets it up. THAT DAY.

After Kim gets mad at Hank for not sticking up for her, he smoothes over the fact that Kim vanished from her workplace for 24 hours straight without calling, while working on something she had no right to work on.

Kim’s response? Walk away from Hank. And when he catches up to her, she asks how he found her. Hank says he asked Janice.

Kim goes to Janice, and asks how Janice knew where she was. Janice says that Kim told her, though Kim doesn’t remember telling her.

Kim and Hank head to the death site, and Hank says he’ll take the pictures, and she’ll handle the text, and she can have the first byline. Kim never once says thank you.

She does point out where the mystery woman jumped from. Hank and Kim go to the roof. Hank finds Ricky’s shelter and says someone is living on the roof. Kim doesn’t say anything.

Hank says he’s sorry, and asks Kim for another chance. She says yes. There’s kissing and hugging.

Kim FINALLY thanks Hank for helping with Eli.

Hank says he’s going back to the office. Kim wants to stay on the roof for a while, and see what she can find.

The camera pulls back, and Kim is standing in the center of that woman power swirl again. Huh.

Kim comes down off the roof, and knocks on Fima’s apartment door. Fima invites her in, and offers her tea.

Kim tells Fima that she got the job that she wanted, and Fima tells Kim that you have to be careful what you wish for, since you just might get it. Fima then does a short monologue that appears to be based on the power of positive thinking.

Next, Fima serves up the tea. She puts in herb into Kim’s tea, which Kim drinks and declares “bitter.” Fima says she’ll get used to it.

Kim says she’s feeling a little nauseous, and Fima says that’ll pass.

Fima decides to prattle on, about how Kim reminds Fima of her daughter, Lily. (Lilith, folks. I’m just helping you out.) Fima says she stayed with her husband, Bill, for too long. Lily, it turns out, left school and ran away with her boyfriend.

Fima then realized that it was all Bill’s fault.

Fima starts asking super-personal questions about Kim and Hank, and Kim, who isn’t looking too good, tries to put her tea on the table and spills it. Fima berates Kim like she’s about three years old, and makes Kim clean up.

Fima then presents Kim with a wooden bowl of those snacks Kim at before. I guess they’re important, so here’s a description: They look like cockroaches, but less smooth, and they have no legs.

Kim kind of lies on the couch, Fima sticks something in her hand, and Kim looks at it. It’s a cockroach. Kim eats it anyway. Then she has to lie down, because her tummy hurts.

She has a bunch of flashbacks to earlier in the movie, because, sadly, she can’t flash back to the other “Silent Night, Deadly Night” movies.

When she wakes up, Jane is there, telling her it’s “completely normal,” despite the fact that some Asian woman is there who we’ve never seen, and most of the lights are off, and the rest of the coven is pulling off her clothing.

And drawing stuff on Kim with ashes. Including that swirl thing.

Then Ricky is called into the room. He has the giant worm o’ doom, which he puts on Kim’s belly. They cover Kim with a thin blanket.

Ricky holds a rat over Kim, and Fima cuts it with a knife while someone says, “Enter.”

Kim starts screaming.

And now we get to see Kim’s belly again. The giant worm is clearly inside, wiggling around, while Kim just freaks right on out. As well she should.

Katherine stands over Kim and says, “Make your fear real. Get it out.”

Kim, in turn, pukes up a giant cockroach.

Ricky cuts the cockroach in half, and squeezes cockroach goo on Kim’s face. I don’t want to talk about the symbology at all. AT ALL.

Kim wakes up. She was asleep in Fima’s apartment. She’s still fully dressed, but her face is a teeny bit slimy. Kim picks up her bag and prepares to go.

And there’s Katherine. And Jane. And Fima. They tell Kim she fell asleep. And that she has to finish.

Kim asks what they want from her, and Fima says, “I want my daughter back.”

Kim runs. Fima tells the other ladies to get Ricky.

Kim goes back to her apartment, where I’m sure no one will ever look for her. Hank is there, pants off, in bed. He asks where she’s been. He asks what’s going on, and if Kim is okay.

I’m going to relay the things Kim does now, and let you try to make sense of them. First, she tells Hank she wants her key back, so she goes into his pants and tries to pull a key off his key ring. When he asks what’s wrong, she screams that she “needs some room.”

Then she tears up a newspaper and crams it in her toilet, so that the toilet clogs and overflows. At which point she runs to the medicine cabinet and grabs a random pill bottle. She tries to chug all the pills, and Hank tries to stop her.

She fights back.

Kim punches the mirror, which breaks. Kim goes to regular old crying, and Hank tells her it’s going to be all right.

Hank takes Kim back to the bed and tells her to go ahead and cry. She does. After a minute, she calms down. And says, “Hank, is that you? What are you doing here?”

Hank asks what happened. Kim says, “You were sleeping.” She says he looked like a little boy. She says she wishes he hadn’t woken up, and pulls off her sweater.

Things start to get spicy. Kim tells Hank to close his eyes. And be still.

In the bathroom, the toilet is still overflowing. And there’s a ton o’ cockroaches in the sink.

Ricky comes into the apartment, watches for a minute while Kim has her way with Hank, and then goes over and turns on the TV. “Silent Night, Deadly Night III,” is on. It’s the scene where the girl is sitting on Santa’s lap, asking for a Barbie doll.

Interestingly, the TV is on channel 4 (the number of this movie) while Ricky (the name of the character in 1, 2, and 3) is watching part III of this series. I’m sure everyone felt very clever about this moment.

Hank struggles to push Kim off of him. He finally manages it, which makes Kim distressed. He demands to know who Ricky is, and Ricky gets his first line in a while, “Santa Claus killer.” He seems very happy about this.

I think it would have been 78 % more awesome if he had said, “Naughty!” instead.

Hank demands that Ricky leave.

Ricky tells Kim they have to leave, and Hank hits Ricky with a lamp. Ricky wants to know why Hank did that.

Ricky says Kim needs to come with him. Hank starts beating Ricky with a broom.

Ricky bites Hank’s bare ankle, and starts beating Hank. Then he goes and gets a tiny, tiny steak knife. He stabs the bathroom door, which is where Kim has gone to hide.

Kim is standing near the door, so Ricky jams the knife under the slot between the door and floor, stabbing Kim in the foot.

He stabs the door a couple more times, then spots Hank. Hank is headed towards the counter, probably looking for a knife.

Ricky runs over and stabs Hank in the chest a few times. Really lightly. As in, the knife goes in about an inch, which has to hurt just a whole lot, and then he pulls it out.

Hank tells Ricky to leave Kim alone, and Ricky asks if Hank owns her.

(Okay, you know what? I’ll give this movie its due. It has nothing to do with the rest of the series, and nothing to do with Christmas, as near as I can tell. And also, every part where the women sit around being all talky-talky is pretty dull, too. But the violence in this flick is dis-turb-ing.)

The phone rings, and the answering machine picks it up after one ring. Janice starts to leave a message.

Kim dives out of the bathroom, grabs the phone, and tells Janice to call the police.

Ricky, meanwhile, tries to run for the bed, trips, and drops his knife. He gets up and dives towards Kim and the phone. She jumps off the bed, he gives chase, and he catches her and binds her hands and mouth with tape.

Hank drags himself to the knife and attacks Ricky. Ricky lets go of Kim to defend himself, and she runs back to her bedroom and tries to hide under the bed, with the phone.

Ricky and Hank tussle. The knife is dropped. The knife is picked up. Kim watches from under the bed as Ricky kills Hank just a whole lot. Hank falls to the floor, dead, and blood pours out of his mouth.

Ricky looks under the bed, smiles, and says, “Come on out, now.”

Someone calls to Kim from the hallway. It’s Janice, who I guess doesn’t know what “call the police,” means.

Janice walks into the apartment, looking frazzled. Ricky is standing there with the knife, also looking frazzled. Of course, Ricky is played by Clint Howard, who always kind of looks that way.

Janice takes the knife from Ricky and says, “Are you crazy?” All things being equal, that seems kind of obvious. She should probably qualify her statement in some way, or perhaps ask a more specific question.

Janice walks into Kim’s bedroom, while Ricky goes right on looking perplexed.

Kim comes out from under the bed, and Janice cuts the bonds around Kim’s hands and mouth.

Kim says, “He killed Hank.” Ricky says, “I had to! He hit me first!”

(I think I’ve said this at least once before in this write-up, but it bears repeating: Yes, he REALLY said that.)

Janice has Kim sit down on the bed. One would think that at this point she would be screaming, or crying, or hysterical, or trying to run away from Janice, who is clearly on the side of the witches, or whatever they are, but she does none of these things.

Janice tells Kim that Kim needs to go back with Ricky. Kim has to “finish.” Janice says she’ll clean up.

Ricky and Kim leave, and Janice starts making the bed. Uh, Janice? You might want to take a look at the dead body on the floor first.

Ricky takes Kim back to “the building,” and sticks her in the meat locker in the butcher’s store.

Kim knocks twice and says, “Let me out!” But then opts to revert to crying amongst the frozen meat.

Later, someone snaps on a flashlight and points it at her face. She’s given something to drink from a wooden bowl.

All the witches are there, plus a couple of bonus witches. Ricky is there as well. He appears to be naked, and wearing a mask that makes him look like Pinocchio after a lengthy session of half-truths.

Janice says, “I told you everything was going to be okay.”

A couple of the ladies say things that are either creepy or nonsensical, and Ricky adds, “Why do we have to do it in here?” He then walks over to Kim, and… let’s just say Kim does a lot of screaming. A LOT of screaming. Well-earned screaming.

(I should note that Ricky is both hairy, and sweaty, and the other ladies are fondling him.)

The screen goes black.

Kim’s still in the meat locker, asleep on the floor. Which has a carpet on it. And a chair.

She wakes up, rolls over, and wraps a thing blanket-type thing around her like a dress.

She crawls across the floor, looking at a chair. And then she loses control of her arms, and hands. They start contorting. She runs to a nearby wall, and sits against it, while a thick goo gushes out of her woman-parts.

Or so it’s implied.

Her legs fuse together, and start rolling back towards her, like that worm from earlier.

Kim screams for a bit.

She flashes back to the giant worm, and the giant cockroach, and when she wakes up again her dress is gone and she’s covered in goo, but her hands and legs are normal again.

She drags herself across the floor, and sees a man who might or might not be Hank hanging in the meat locker, looking pretty dead.

Oh, and one of those worms is crawling up a side of meat.

The film fades to black. And we’re up on the roof with that swirl symbol.

The next morning, the butcher comes into the meat locker and finds Kim in all her unclothed glory. He says a bunch of stuff in whatever language he’s supposed to speak. Some lady comes in and gives Kim some clothing.

The butcher informs Kim that she has been initiated. And that she should go, now.

Inside the bookstore, we find the creepy painting, Katherine, Fima, and Ricky.

Kim walks in fully clothed. Fima says, “Lily!”

Kim says, “The woman who jumped.”

Fima says, “She was my daughter. She was too weak. But now you’ve come to take her place.”

Kim sits down, and asks what they did to her.

Katherine and Fima tell Kim that she’s one of them, now.

Kim thinks she’s been hallucinating.

They explain that, no, she formed these things from the magic inside her.

But she’s not done, yet. Kim has to “nurture” her power – and they want Hank’s brother, Lonnie.

Kim brings a detective to her apartment, and he tells her there’s no evidence that anything happened there. She tries to show him the stabbed door, and the shattered mirror, but everything is in perfect condition.

The detective asks if Kim is in therapy. She says no, and he asks if she needs a recommendation.

Kim goes to her office Christmas party, and asks Eli if Hank is there. Eli tells her, “Hank’s out of town on assignment, you knew that.”

She talks to Janice who tells her that she looks wonderful, and also welcome to the family. And, oh, “You have to bring us the boy.”

Kim runs from the office party, knocking drinks out of people’s hands as she does so.

Outside, she sees Ricky, and tries to get away from him. But Ricky just keeps on tailing her, being all Ricky-ish.

Kim ducks into a room a maid just left open, and latches the safety chain. Ricky first knocks, then runs away.

Kim looks over at the TV screen, which is on. Fima’s face is on the screen, telling her that she has no choice – she must bring the boy. Apparently, Kim must “feed her fears,” or they will feed on her.

Kim’s hands start freaking out again. She runs to the bathroom, and turns on the shower. Her feet are bursting into flame.

Ricky breaks into the room, and says, “Do what she said, and it’ll stop.”

Kim agrees, and the flames vanish instantly.

At Hank’s family’s Christmas party, Lonnie gets videotaped not being grateful enough for his gift. His mom says there might be something else under the tree for him.

Kim and Ricky pull up in a van. Kim wants to go in alone, but Ricky wants to “back her up.” Kim says no, and goes to the front door. Ricky follows anyway.

Kim rings the doorbell. Lonnie wonders if it’s Hank. Mom says it isn’t Hank, which makes you wonder about mom. Lonnie goes to the front door anyway.

Kim tells Lonnie that Hank is in the van, and Lonnie runs over and gets in the van. Even though there’s nothing that suggests Hank can be found in the van, Kim tells Lonnie that Hank will be “back” in a minute and Lonnie doesn’t run away.

Meanwhile, Ricky goes to the front door. Mom opens it, and Ricky bursts in bearing tape, and goes to wrap it around her mouth.

They step out of the shot, and Dad finally gets out of his chair to find out what’s happening. He confronts Ricky, and tries to hit Ricky with a video camera. This makes Ricky mad, so he and Dad tussle, until Ricky shoves Dad into the Christmas tree and starts choking Dad with Christmas lights.

A Christmas light pops, and the Christmas tree bursts into flame.

Lonnie tries to escape from the van, but he somehow can’t get out. Ricky jumps in, and they drive away.

In the next shot, Lonnie is yelling out, “Nooo!” and let me go, and such things.

All the women and Ricky and Lonnie are on top of the roof where everything began. Lonnie is being held down.

Katherine and Fima hand Kim a knife, and tell Kim that she has to kill Lonnie.

Worms start crawling out of a nearby pipe.

Katherine says, “Kill the man. Become a whole woman.”

Fima informs Kim that this is, “The final step.”

Kim hesitates, and Fima demands know why Kim always defies her.

Fima helps Kim to raise the knife, the knife plunges down, and Kim rams it into Fima’s gut.

Lonnie runs.

Kim runs.

The other ladies help Fima stand up. Fima yanks the knife out of her belly and advances towards Kim.

Ricky stands in front of Kim and tells Fima not to hurt Kim. So Fima stabs him. He falls. The worms start to move in on him.

Kim starts screaming and writhing. Fima says, “Didn’t I warn you?” She tells Kim she’s going to burn.

Kim insists that, a) she isn’t like Fima, and b) Fima only cares about her daughter, not about Kim.

Kim’s fingers start getting all freaky and twisty again. And they start on fire. Kim jams her twisty flame-y fingers through Fima, and Fima bursts into flames. And jumps off the roof.

Kim looks at all the other women gathered around her, and walks away. She gets Lonnie from his hiding place and says, “It’s all over now.”

Except, of course, for Ricky, who is still being devoured by worms on another part of the roof.

And, of course, the huge mass of flaming Fima on the sidewalk.

And, of course, all the women currently watching Fima burn on the sidewalk.

But other than that? Totally all over.

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