Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Request Lines Are Open

All right folks - what do you want to see? I've got The Evil Dead trilogy on tap, and a few ideas for after that, but I'm taking requests.

The rules:

Has to be horror.
There have to be at least three of them.
I have to be able to get my hands on all the parts of a series, in order. This is more my problem than your problem, but trust me... there is just no way to get my hands on every part of The Howling.


  1. My top-of-the-head list:


    And didn't that Dracula 2000 film get a couple of sequels?

  2. My wish list:

    Night of the Demons
    Children of the Corn

  3. You know, I was totally going to do House right up until I discovered that it was just about impossible to lay my hands on it. I’m thinking if the remake happens (and it probably will) we can expect a big, fat, box set. So I’ll keep it on tap for that.

    Night of the Demons was another one I found surprisingly hard to get my hands on. Even Netflix says, “Sure, there’s a one and two, but three? P’shaw!”

    Leprechaun is tricky for the same reason as Children of the Corn is tricky – getting my hands on ALL the parts could be a challenge.

    I’ll probably try tackling Dracula 2000 first, as I know where I can those. Tremors is easy as well.

    I shall persevere!

  4. If the first HOUSE is the one you can not find, I have a copy.

    - Bill

  5. Just throwing out series:
    Troll (they're remking it - and there was a #3 sort of)
    Charlie Band movies! Trancers, Puppet Master, Subspecies, Gingerbread Man, etc.
    Exorcist? (5 of them, now)
    Maniac Cop
    Ruturn Of The Living Dead

  6. Bill! Thanks for the offer of House - I think I could probably lay my hands on 1, it's 2, 3, and 4 that seem like they might be sort of tricky.

    I hadn't thought of Puppet Master, but I'm guessing that'd be rough to locate.

    Return of the Living Dead is on the list - I just have to find a copy of 2. And Exorcist I have the same problem - I own 1 and 3, and can find 4 and "oh this one is also 4," but II? I'll probably have to buy it...